Season 2017/2018

Information for the new season 17/18
The above link you will find the relevant affiliation form for referees to register with the South Wales FA, once you have paid you’re £12.50 fee and been registered head to the FA Wales To be sent packs to complete you’re DBS for officiating in Youth/Junior football.
Once both have been complete and approved you can register with affiliated Leagues of the South Wales FA. All the links and attachments are below.

If our society members need anything printing please let us know during our next society meeting.

Please note the following:-
To all Registered Referees,
c.c. Council Members, SWFA

Dear All,

The South Wales FA has pleasure in attaching/enclosing your Affiliation Form for 2017/2018 which must be returned no later than 30 June 2017. Please remember that you benefit from Public Liability Cover when officiating throughout Wales providing that it is in a correctly affiliated competition or approved friendly match. This year we will allow referees to affiliate on-line if they wish. You can return a scanned copy of the document by email to, we will send you an invoice via our payzip system for you to pay on-line. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE SIGNED THE SCANNED COPY. If you cannot open the attachment or access a printer, please let me know and I will post a paper copy.

The Association has decided that the following criteria will apply for all Referees at class 4C & 4B.

All referees graded 4C must serve their first full year of affiliation on their local Leagues (and are not permitted to act as an Assistant on the Welsh League). Referees cannot be promoted in their first full Season. To be promoted to level 4B they must have refereed a minimum of two matches per month at senior level (excluding Sundays) in their local league and will have been satisfactorily assessed by the Association over a minimum of three assessments. Following satisfactory attendance at a training seminar and also passing a fitness test, they will be eligible to be promoted to level 4B and progress to the Alliance Leagues provided they have requested promotion when registering and this has been acknowledged by the Association.
All referees graded 4B who wish to be considered for promotion to 4A must have refereed a minimum of two matches per month at senior level (excluding Sundays) in their local league and been satisfactorily assessed by the South Wales FA with a minimum of four assessments being carried out on the South Wales Alliance League.
The following process will be in operation this season for referees at Grades 4A, 4B and 4C who wish to officiate on the Welsh Football League:

Referees at grade 4A will receive no more than fifteen appointments in a season on Saturdays as assistant referees.
Referees at grade 4B will receive no more than eight appointments per season on Saturdays as assistant referees.
Referees at grade 4C who have officiated on the Welsh League during 2016/17 will receive no more than eight appointments as assistant referees in the 2017/18 season. Referees at grade 4C who have not previously officiated on the Welsh League will not be allowed to officiate until they have attained grade 4B.
All referees at grades 4A, 4B & 4C who wish to officiate on the Welsh League must request permission in writing or by e-mail from the Association and receive an acknowledgement before 30 June. If anyone has any queries with regard to these new arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact Carl Daughters or myself.

Through our Referees’ Committee, the Association is fully committed to supporting and educating Referees and in the recruitment and retention of Referees. We therefore advise the following events that are being held during the summer which must be considered in addition to the information detailed in the previous two paragraphs.
Saturday 20 May at the USW Sport Park, Treforest Estate. (CF37 5UR) 9.45am – 1.15.p.m
The Seminar will consist of Referee education and will include guest speakers and a question and answer session as well as an open forum for referees to give feedback on how the Association can assist them in their development. It is hoped that as many referees as possible will attend to take advantage of this opportunity. The full schedule is included with this correspondence. Referees who have passed their examination during the season and wish to receive their certificates during the seminar, please advise me as soon as possible.
Saturday 24 June 2017 commencing at 10.a.m, Leckwith Stadium, Cardiff – FITNESS TEST

Fitness test for all grade 4C & 4B referees who have attained the level of performance to obtain promotion to their next level. Each individual candidate will be invited by the Referees’ Officer following the Association Promotion meeting in May. A further date (TBA) will be advised for those who are unable to attend on 27 Juneor have been invited to retake the test.
Saturday 24 June 2017 commencing at 12 noon, Leckwith Stadium, Cardiff – ASSISTANT REFEREE TRAINING

This is compulsory for all referees graded 4C & 4B who wish to officiate on the Welsh Football League who have NOT previously attended such a course. If you have previously attended an assistant referee training seminar, it is not mandatory for you to attend again however it is recommended that you undergo the session as a Refresher
D&BS – Referees are reminded that they MUST have DBS clearance prior to officiating any League up to 18 years (Youth League level). If you hold a valid certificate, please check the start date as it needs to be updated every three years, ensure you contact the FAW on in good time to renew it.

We wish you every success for the new season and look forward to continuing our support for all Referees.

Mark Adams
Hon General Secretary
South Wales Football Association

01443 203177